AssetPack Browser Down?

Hi there,

I’m trying to get access to the jme AssetPacks to get access to the World Forge models.

I click online asset packs but nothing appears. Does this have to do with the server being moved over?

Also, does anyone know how or where I can find the entire worldforge asset library

Yeah its down atm, I hope the web guys put it up again soon. Heres info on the WF assets but they’re not exactly easy to import, thats why I did the assetpack:

Please note that WorldForge assets are GPL licensed. You can use them for yourself, but unless your game is GPL licensed you may not be able to release your game. At least legally…

Thats not exactly true. You have to release any changes to the assets your game uses if they are derived off the worldforge ones.

@jayfella I guess you’ll be figuring this one out together with Normen?

I’d like to bring up an old topic…

In particular the point by @pspeed

What does that have to do with the current topic? A GPL artwork doesn’t make your software GPL, period.

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Sorry for the tangential question, but I’d like your lights on the following question:

Does using a “Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License” library contaminate my game as GPL?

The library helps making a virtual joystick for android.

Link to the license:

I thought the answer was yes, but the last post here make me think there might be a small chance it doesn’t?

This is software, it will “contaminate” your application (which is also software) if you include the library as a non-detachable part (e.g. not as a plugin) in the release version of your software. LGPL or GPL v3 with classpath exception won’t.

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Thank you for your answer normen. I won’t investigate that lib further then.

That license you posted is not GPL though…?

These assets have a license. If an asset has no license at all then we do not have a right to redistribute it because the original creator still has all of their copy rights.

Sorry, was that for me?

What? ^^ The license you posted isn’t GPL, its a different license that probably doesn’t force you to GPL your code.

That was for the person I replied to and quoted. Is there a way that I can make that clearer in the future?

Edit: sorry… that wasn’t for me… even though mine was the last post. I dislike the way this forum does replies.

Mmm ok hehe. Well, I tried. Since I have no certitude, I’ll avoid it. Shame, seemed to be easy to use :D.

Oh, ok, I see where the confusion came, normen… basically, the shareAlike part would maybe contaminate… shouldn’t have said GPL, soz.

Rolling back to the beginning. Yes, if you use a share-alike license then it is also viral like the GPL… but as normen says to be clear: is not the GPL. But it will contaminate derivative works.

From the license page:
“If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.”

So, if assets are SA then if you (remix, transform, or build upon) them those derivative works have to be released SA. If code is SA if you (remix, transform, or build upon) the code have to be SA. ie: if you link to it then you are “building upon” it. Just like if you made a warehouse full of CC-SA crates.

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Ack, just what I feared, thx for the answer.


Yeah I noticed that they are all “.modeldef” files In the world forge folder. I was actually interested in how you did it (and whether or not you plan to do more)

Those models are really amazing and there are so many well-done (all matching) models.

Though I’m sure you would have done more if it was easy, I’d just like to know how you did it or what the process was for you to switch them over.

An asset pack project can import the worldforge models from a checkout, right-click an asset pack project to select the import option. Though I don’t know what you mean by “more”, theres already all compatible OgreXML models imported.