AssetPackBrowser: Empty?

I’m not sure if it’s the right place to ask for this, but I’m following “the book”, and at the end of th chapter 4, it says I should open the AssetPackBrowser, and “install the three AssetPacks”. The AssetPackBrowser window is visible, but it doesn’t look like there is anything in it. If I choose “view library” at the bottom of that window, it just sows “Assets” in the window itself, but I cannot interact with that in any way (expand, right click, … no clue what it’s meant to do) and if I choose “online assetpacks” I get a totally empty window. There is an “update” button (in both views) at the top, but it does nothing.

So, I don’t know how/where to get those “three AssetPacks” …

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The web site doesn’t display the needed PHP file anymore, our web wizards didn’t seem to be able to fix that until now…

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Thank you, Normen. While I’m not 100% sure I understand your answer, I’ll interpret it as saying, “The SDK is not able to download those files, atm”.

Unfortunately, I then have a new question: Can I somehow get the files “manually” from somewhere? Searching on the site, I found this other person with the same problem, and which asked the same second question, but got no answer: AssetPack browser empty? So, is it now somehow possible? Surely, the files aren’t truly “lost” …

@monster @normen, thanks for the wakeup call. Online AssetPack browsing should now be available.

Hmm, I should probably fix so downloading packs works also… give me a few minutes.

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And now you can install packs again…

@kwando said: And now you can install packs again..
Wee :D


When downloading, if the linked files does to exist the log panel will show the following exception:

But I will get a popup saying that the download was successful…

@kwando said: And now you can install packs again..

Thanks! (Will try when at home …)

OK, I got them. I still have one question; every time I look at one of the assets, I see an error message:

Load main file 3d_objects/creatures/goblin/goblin.mesh.xml Load Ogre Material Add Ogre Material Error loading model

Is that … “normal” …?

If there is any detailed error message somewhere about, I don’t know where that would be; that is all I see in the Output.

Yeah, thats nothing to worry about.

Hi guys, I am new on JME. I have a same problem that the AssetPack is empty. @kwando said the problem was fix in Oct 13, but maybe the problem happens again after the website’s maintenance. Hopefully there is any solution for this. I am following the JME3.0 beginner tutorial page 122.
Thanks a lot @kwando
Thanh Nguyen

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Yeah, assetpacks browsing is broken at the moment. We are working on a solution.

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oh okay wasent sure if i was having a problem or if they were just down

Any chances that solution will be found?

Still the asserts are not accessible ??

Yeah, the people responsible have been sacked. And the people responsible for sacking the people responsible have also been sacked. :smile:

Seriously, I think there was one guy who set this up and probably only one guy who can/will fix it and he’s been low on JME time lately.

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Hey guys I checked out in the source. It fetches html from
it returns 402 error. I heard about the news on servers change. May be there is the problem with the php script or it may not exist.

And the corresponding error on log file:
at javax.swing.JEditorPane.getStream(

Issues pages missing,

Is there any place to download assertpacks manually ?

Any news regarding the AssetPackBrowser? Two months have pasted and it still doesn’t work, as far as I can tell.