Assets folder not unpacked on application set up

I’m having an issue with the latest SDK (3.1 beta) deploying my application. After I clean and build my project if I run the games jar it doesn’t unpack the asset folder. The asset folder is still inside the lib assets jar.

With the previous version of the SDK on the first run of the application the assets folder would be unpacked automatically. Now I’m running into pathing issues as the game cannot locate my assets folder.

Is there a setting I’m missing or did something else change ?

The SDK deployment did at no point unpack the jar, its always kept as a jar file. There IS NO assets folder in a deployed app. You can access the files via the classpath.

Scratch that , it was an old change I made to the build file for UI editor.However it’s still doing some weird stuff.

I keep getting errors like in debug

SEVERE: Cannot locate texture loading.png (Flipped) (Mipmapped)

but it loads anyways.

I deployed it and it loads anyways.

I can’t figure out why the files are loading and the application is running if according to this error the file can’t be found.

*update- It’s a file version error. It’s looking in the old location for the files. However the files exist and are being loaded from the new location. I removed the data file and it stopped.