Assimp: Interesting model importer library

Hello fellow monkeys, a friend of mine told me about this library which look rather interesting and able to load a bunch of 3D formats… I don’t have a Windows computer to test it on, but it if imports Collada or some other formats well enough, it could mean an easier artist pipeline for jME, perhaps?  :smiley:

Do you guys think it could be useful? 

looks really interesting/useful…

Coming soon ...

(Just because of its name: Assimp renders your program sexier)

We should definetly try this!!  XD
normen said:

Coming soon ...

I dropped them a quick message letting them know 'we're watching' ;)

Well I more wanted to express that I dont expect anything fruitful for jME from that area soon, maybe a dedicated jMP thing, but for jME it might be a bit too much external c stuff…

It's always possible to write a binding, and then you could convert the models to jme format and you don't need to include assimp with the program.

Why not converting them to ogre.xml if someone write s a binding? that way you can still modify them with a tool of your choice, and use it i jme, also ogrexml is a good understandable format (mostly).