Astroid game :D

So hello everyone my Name is Eth and I am 14 years old, Yesterday pspeed asked me to make a simple Astroid game to test my skills and so I decided to accept that challenge, I am going to use tonegod gui for the buttons and once I do any progress I will edit this post , example I will write:

  • Progress starting ( TIME STARTED HERE)

  • Something done

  • Progress ended ( TIME ENDED HERE)

  • Progress starting ( 3:20 GMT )

  • Save/Load High score and Settings

  • Main Menu App state

  • Global Variables : score/lifes/Highscore

  • Saving Variables: Highscore/DisplayHealth

  • Progress ended (3:34 GMT)

  • Progress starting (6:30 GMT)

  • Disabled Fly Cam .

  • Added New picture for settings instead of jMonkey One

  • Made the main menu with : Exit/Play/highscores option.

  • Finished Highscore Menu

  • Finished Exit Menu

  • Progress ended (7:20 GMT)

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There is a bit of documentation on the

Its not all finished however.

Thank you a lot Sir! I will go study now then I will be back and read it :slight_smile: