At Ubuntu/Unity/CairoDock, the running application window (thru Eclipse) is not listed and can only reached with alt+tab

[EDIT: this problem is solved with jme3.1!]

I’ve been having this problem from the beginning, I just ignored it til today.

By using xwininfo -all on the running application window, I detected it is missing:

  Initial state is Normal State

  Window type:

it is a very specific problem, OS related, I wonder if it can be fixed with some code in java?
or I have to use something like xdotool or wmctrl to workaround that?

I think it is because Unity (and also Gnome 3) designed their docks around the flawed assumption that a dock icon == a window == a process with win info. Any application that launches another process is a ‘big problem’ for those docks. I don’t think there is anything you can do from the Java side, at least I haven’t found a way to fix it :-/

yes, it has been also very hard to find tips to make cairo-dock work with it.

btw, my goal is to be able to select my project window from cairo-dock.
So I managed to create this script:

nPPID="`ps --no-headers -o ppid -p $PPID`"
while true;do 
	if [[ $(xdotool getwindowpid $(xdotool getactivewindow)) == $nPPID ]];then 
		xdotool windowactivate $(xdotool search "$strProjectName");
	sleep 3;

when you select the terminal running it, it will as soon as possible activate the project window!

it requires as param the project window name (at the window id line) collectable with xwininfo

if xdotool is run very fast it may cause trouble (my computer was rebooting, so I dont recommend a sleep delay less than 3), but it may be just bad luck old hardware or something like that…