ATI 10.5 drivers

There seems to be a problem with the latest catalyst drivers from ATI. After installing the 10.5 drivers I couldn't get anything in jme3 to run. Continued to give me:

Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[LWJGL Renderer Thread,5,main]

Attempting to run JOGL mode also didn't work (can't remember the error).

Reverted back to 10.4 drivers and everything worked fine again.

Am running ATI radian 5770 cards.


All of us with the Catalyst 10.5 drivers are having this problem, as evidenced in this thread:

Did it work before you updated the drivers?

Can anyone say whether or not there's a similar situation going on for jME2?  I haven't updated the drivers on my desktop but was considering doing it this weekend!

The same problem for me… Installed older version ATI drivers and works perfect now…

I don't have any trouble with the jME2 demos.

That said, I would be thrilled if you could get jME3 to work with ATI Catalyst 10.5.

ATI's drivers did break LWJGL, however its was fixed with the LWJGL 2.3+ release.

I think the problem is right here:

INFO LwjglAbstractDisplay 8:54:43 PM GLSL Ver: 3.30

What the heck is GLSL version 3.3?? There's no such thing. GLSL versions range from 1.0 to 1.5, and 3.3 sounds more like OpenGL version, not GLSL version.

Anyway, I'll know for sure really soon. I am downloading the Catalyst 10.5 driver right now.

I can confirm it. It's a bug in the ATI driver, I am writing a workaround right now.

EDIT: Apparently I am wrong… They changed the convention for version numbers. So they skipped from GLSL 1.5 to GLSL 3.3 and 4.0 … This issue is fixed in my local copy.