ATI catalyst memory leak

ATI catalyst 9.4 or later has memory leak problem.

When I run my project in 9.3 or earlier, there is no memory leak,

But it consumes memory a lot in 9.4 or later.

So I just think it is totally from the ATI driver bug.

But when I ran WOW OpenGL version, it doesn't reproduce the problem.

It says that our application also has a bug about this.

by googling, I found this.

According to the thread, we seems to workaround the problem by calling glBufferDataARB with NULL parameter.

So please someone add this method calls to the proper place in LWJGL/JOGLRenderer class.

FYI, I posted the bug to ATI OpenGL driver team and it is solved in Catalyst 9.10

Good job! :wink: