Atlassian Products - Any Requests?

Atlassian has a great open source program for projects such as us to benefit from their software offerings without spending a penny, as long as they get some publicity back for it.

The way it works is that we make a request after fulfilling this requirement:

Atlassian wrote:
How to apply for an open source license for any Atlassian software:

  1. If you have not done so already, download trial versions of any Atlassian software you are interested in.
  2. Setup public access to each free trial instance under your project's website and enable public signups.
  3. Once all trial instances, your website and source repository are publicly accessible, please complete the form below.
Meaning, we actually have to already have their software installed and in use on our servers before we can request a free license for it. Therefore, whatever tools we ask for better be in active use when they review our application.

It is as simple as this: I think our chances at getting a free license to one or some of their software offerings is very good. Which of their software are you interested in?

Personally I have my eyes on Crucible, which I think would fit in greatly as a more professional substitution of our committer boards. The process is there already; we'd just be applying a much stronger tool to empower it.

I'm also curious to know more about Bamboo's capabilities, as its feature-offering looks similar to Hudson. Anyone know how come it doesn't integrate with NetBeans though? Is it because it is not necessary?

As for JIRA, which might be Atlassian's most popular tool, I can't tell if something this complex would really help our efficiency or stagger it. At this point it feels morel like the latter.