Attach animated bow to hand of animated character

I have got a problem with an animated bow. Without being attached to the hand of the character,
the shoot animation works fine. But when attached, the animation gets distorted.
I could at least fix the animation for the rest pose of the character. I had to turn the bow bone in blender 180° in edit
mode. But when the character starts to walk, it doesnt work either.

You can find the bow here:

AnimControl control = orcNode.getChild(“Ork”).getControl(AnimControl.class);
Node an=((Node) orcNode.getChild(“hand_R_attachnode”));
Node bow=(Node) assetManager.loadModel(“Models/bow/bow.j3o”);
an.attachChild( bow);
AnimControl ac= bow.getChild(“Cube”).getControl(AnimControl.class);

I’m not sure from the explanation exactly what’s wrong. Some pictures might help show what you mean by “distorted”.

I did think I’d point out this method, though:

What pspeed said an you’ll have to synchronise the character animation with the bow animation.

Well I already created an attachment node in the sdk, its called hand_R_attachnode, as you can see in the code I posted.
What I mean by distorted is that the bone which controls the bowstring moves into the wrong direction.
It seems dependant on the direction the hand bone of the character is facing.

I think I solved the problem. Seems there was a problem with the model. I had to unparent
it, apply the rotation and the re-parent it in blender, now it seems to work.