Attach Spatial to various Bones

Hi there,

I want to attach a Node (e.g. a jacket) to a character. so I have a few ideas to solve this:

  • Is there an possibility to set the skeleton of the jacket to this of the character, so its the same (they already use the same skeleton-structure)?
  • Is there an option to add the jacket to various Bones per getAttachmentNode() ?
  • Or must I add every sub-spatial of the jacket to the correct Bone?



    P.S. continue with this great job:)

You can use getAttachmentNode()… But I’d suggest just using different textures and models instead.

Thank you normen,

then I think I will try this with add every Spatial to another Bone.

I will deliberate about this with swapping textures and/or models

I asked about this a while ago,

Check out