Attaching a geometry to a physicsNode => physicsNode doesn't get rendered

When i’m attaching a Geometry to a PhysicsNode through attachChild() the PhysicsNode doesn’t get rendered any more. Only the attached Geometry. When i manually set the material(SolidColor) of the Spatial that belongs to the PhysicsNode than it gets rendered again but as you can imagine not with correct material/texture. Is there a way to tell jme3 that he should render the spatial that belongs to the PhysicsNode? Or is there a way to tell jme3 that he shouldn’t render the Geometry without detaching it?

I dont understand, Only Geometry is visible and can be rendered.

The spatial that i give the PhysicsNode in the constructor should be rendered too but isn’t when i’m attaching a geometry per attachChild().

PhysicsNode pn = new PhysicsNode(spatial, some CollisionShape, mass)

Hm, never had that happening. The spatial you supply with the constructor is also just a child. Does it happen when you simply add both normally with attachChild() and dont use the constructor?

I think i have done something wrong with updateGeometricState. I try to find it out.

You should not be doing anything with updateGeometricState() :confused:

But he often comes with this exception when i don’t update:

Exception in thread “LWJGL Renderer Thread” java.lang.IllegalStateException: updateGeometricState() must be called on the root node to retrieve updated world transforms.

at com.jme3.scene.Spatial.checkUpdatedTransform(

at com.jme3.scene.Spatial.getWorldTranslation(

Yes, its all described in the wiki page. You probably need to reorganize your update order if you often need to recalculate this.

It was an updateGeometricState() problem. And it was a real bitch this little updateGeometricState() ;). Took me nearly 4 hours to find the problem and it caused a lot of weird problems. So remember kids: Don’t fuck with updateGeometricState() ;). And a thanks to normen for his patience.

But it’s ok to call it before attaching the geometry or whatever to the rootNode?

Yes, its no problem calling it on a spatial that has no parent.