Attaching tooltip to model, Lemur or tonegodgui

I am currently using tonegodgui for my inventory and crafting window, and the button elements have a tooltip that you can set at creation of the button. Ive seen Lemur being talked about on the forums, and I plan on using the picking demo for selecting my model. My question is, using either of these libraries, how can I set a tooltip for a model when the mouse is over it? In lemur, I can add a text field or whatever in the mouseEntered() method and update the position with the mouse.

That sounds about right for Lemur. That’s basically what I do for my 3D inventory in the new unreleased Mythruna engine.

Thats exactly what I need. What kind of GUI element do you use? Like button, text field, etc

I used a Label.

And then gave it a special border style.