Attachments in Forum - Upload Folder full


if i want to upload a smal image (96kb, below the max of 128kb) the forum says:

An Error Has Occurred!
The upload folder is full. Please try a smaller file and/or contact an administrator.

Is the upload folder for every one or has a forum member his own upload folder?



Very odd… Let me give it a try…

Indeed, I get the same error… And just yesterday I uploaded some simple badges, but they're even <1kb, so maybe that's what did it [yep, did a quick test and uploading a small badge still works]. This shouldn't be much of a problem as soon as I have full site access, but maybe I'll just do a purge of old attachments as well.

(Ps. I've arrived in Vancouver now and will have a few days to settle down before studies kick in.)

Edit: Okay here's the forum stats:

Total Attachments: 208

Total Size of Attachment Directory: 9837.04 KB

Total Space Available in Attachment Directory: 402.96 KB

It was about 4kb at first before I removed all attachments older than 1 year. I'll figure out how to expand the available space soon enough though.

There should be an option in SMF to change max folder size.

New stats:

Total Size of Attachment Directory: 9837.04 KB

Max attachment size per post: 2000 KB

Max size per attachment: 500 KB

Max number of attachments per post: 4

Looks like everyone has such a Attachment Directory.