Audio: Is there a volume limit?


my question is, if there is an audio-volume-limit on audio-nodes. i have a slider on my settings screen (nifty) which controls the volume of the node; it works fine, but when i move the slider up to a float value which is bigger than three, it holds the same volume. is there a limit? i haven’t found something like this in the audioNode-class, there is only one if-block if the volume is bigger than 0…

pls help



Well there is the theoretical limit of 0dB that your audio cannot pass… From then on limiting or in the worst case clipping occurrs. Normally you don’t want to raise the volume above 1 as any audio file that has peak values at 0dB (the max) will distort then. So make your audio levels so that relatively they work and none needs to be above 1.