AudioNode getStatus() always returns stopped

I’m using AudioNodes to play my sounds, and they work fine, except getStatus() always returns stopped, never playing or paused, even when I call [java]sound.playInstance()[/java] and can hear it. My code is the same as the HelloAudio example:

sound = new AudioNode(assetManager, “Sound/sound.wav”, false);

Any reason for this to happen? I know this is pretty vague but I’m pretty confused by this.

as far as i know playinstance creates a copy and plays this, good for overlapping sounds.

isnt there a play() as well?

Empire is right. playInstance() plays a “decoupled” sound so you can’t get status for it anymore. Use play() if you want status.

Thanks, that worked. Guess I need to actually read the tutorial next time instead of just running the sample code.