AudioNodes and JME Sound

I was just wondering if the Audio system for JME is complete. I was focusing on AudioNodes yesterday and through my tests I’m pretty sure myaudio.setmaxdistance() method does not work. Also is there more documentation than the wiki that I can read up on? I’m looking for an example that pushes the boundaries of the system, and if there isn’t one I am probably going to be hitting the boundaries on my project. So I guess the next question would be is does anyone know the capabilities of the audionodes and sound system?

Thanks in Advance!

PS. Just to clarify. Audio nodes are working like the examples say they are, I want to go further. On the wiki there are some functions / methods not listed or are missing information. The examples do not cover them, I want to know how far complete the AudioNode and sound system is in JME3.

The audio system is still at a WIP state. For now…it just plays sounds really…

To be honest we focus on graphics right now, but at some point the sound system will be finished.

oh well thats a bummer. I guess I can come back to audio in my project later, I have plenty of other stuff to do. Is full audio something planned for the final release of JME?

scrubalub said:
(...) Is full audio something planned for the final release of JME?

Definitely. Can't call a game engine "final" without fully functional sound :)

The volume of AudioNode is computed as such, where distance is the distance from the source to the listener:

[java]if (distance < RefDistance)

distance = RefDistance

if (distance > MaxDistance)

distance = MaxDistance

volume = RefDistance / distance[/java]

So the MaxDistance parameter might not do what you think it does.

It prevents the sound from being too quiet when you get far.

The RefDistance is the distance you have to be from the sound for it to have full volume.