AudioSystem: jittering sound, musicQueue broken, aso

hey there!

i am having problems with the AudioSystem big time.

i am using jme 0.11 ( i have to ) and the uptodate AudioSystem from the CVS (i just make dist-audio and add to the jars of my game). (could this be the problem?)

i use StandardGame and the AudioSystem is updated by a GameState (so the update happens in the GL-Thread).

EVERYTHING i do with the AudioSystem in my other gamestates is packed in a callable and passed to the GameTaskQueueManager. Never the less i experience a lot of problems:

the plan is to add two songs to the musicTrackQueue and let them play once (RepeatType.NONE). When an event in my game occurs (next level is being loaded), i want the music to fade out (if its still playing) and the queue should be cleared. when the next level is being loaded, i add another two songs to the queue and so on …

  1. sometimes and by random the sound starts jittering for a number of seconds and then continues playing normally.
  2. even though i set the RepeatType for the MusicTrackQueue to NONE it keeps repeating the last song in the queue
  3. when i call fadeOutAndClear(0.5f); it fades the volume to about half of the original volume i guess and just keeps playing the track. at this point queue.isPlaying() returns TRUE but the trackList is empty. calling stop() is being ignored and the song keeps playing at volume 0.5 or so.
  4. when the next two songs (in the next level already) are being played it just overlays the one that is still playing from the previous level.

    please help me i think i am losing my mind.

It's a shame you "have to" use .11 as there have been audio fixes since then.

i use the uptodate audiosystem from the cvs … but the underlying lwjgl is from 0.11