Augmented Reality with jMonkeyEngine

Hi ppl!!

I had created a framework for build Augmented Reality Application using jMonkeyEngine.

I tried to keep it easy of use and convert easily any normal jME application in AR Application.

This framework use the video capture system of ARToolkit, which is multi-plattform; ARToolkitPlus for marker tracking, and jME for rendering. The framework can capture frames from multiple sources, like still images, video form webcams, eiee cams, ip cams, etc… It can tracking single and multiple markers, and everything is very easy to use.

I has implemented two tiers for hidden the integration between video capture system and rendering, and between AR tracking and setting the transformation matrix to the 3D models.

See a little demo in this video:

is something basic, although I use jME physics for more interesting effects.

I want to add more effect in the game, like a particle explosion when the ball reaches the goal, but I don’t know how to.  :? If somebody can help me with this, or with another idea, I will be greatful.

The sound in the video is a bit damaged, I don’t know why, I will to upload again the video when I have time.

PD. It has created with the help of research group SINFOCI, at Universidad del Quind

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wow  :slight_smile:

Indeed, wow. Is this framework open-source?

Well, I still working in this project, it is not finished totally.

This framework was created like my university thesis, and the idea is create commercial products with this.

The idea of open the source code is still pending.

I use ARToolKitPlus, which license is GPL, and is obligatory open the source code of the applications created whit this.

I don't to know if exist any commercial license for this. if I can't found this, i will to liberate the source code of my framework.

hahaha that looks fun! I love labrynth.

Fantastic, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities! Just hook up some glasses with an integrated display in them, and you are good to go to a world of Augmented Reality :wink: