(August 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

I might have a tool to recommend for that sort of thing, it’s called ScreenToGif. Pretty amazing, aside from the occasional running out of memory and mouse acceleration when recording.

Ah, finally got it working. It appears that the packer I used got all confused because the images weren’t square.

Good thing an online bulk resize utility is just a google away.


If you doing something temporary you need to replace it later… later… maybe later… finally:


Nice! What is the license? @Tryder @MoffKalast

That looks good. Does it have a length limit for the clips?

Uh, CC0? It’s up to @Tryder I suppose.

Not hardcoded, no. It depends on how large of an area you record but it starts to run out of ram fast.

Yeah, uh, I guess whatever lets you do whatever you want with it…

I use Gyazo GIF for that sort of thing. Doesn’t seem to have the problem of running out of RAM, though it does have a limited GIF length and I do have 16GB.

There’s the reason probably. Does it also have any other features? You can resize frames in ScreenToGif, add Text, crop, adjust speed, color, remove frames and such.

WTFPL? http://www.wtfpl.net/

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are those dexsoft palms? cause i could swear i have similar ones :slight_smile:

Could you elaborate (perhaps in a separate thread), what you found undesirable in Godot. You’ve piqued my curiosity and I started reading up on it. I’m curious as to your findings. Same for libGDX.

I’m asking as someone new to 3D modeling and development. I’m an experienced software developer, but, not in the arena. So far, I’m really digging the JMonkey community and I find the introductory material on the Wiki to be great. That being said, I’m interested in learning more about other engines as well (especially open source). I, and probably many others, would really appreciate any insight you may have or just more details on your experience and findings.

Thanks in advance,

New main menu and proof that batch node does magic. Seriously more than 400 objects and no significant FPS drop. This is recorded on PC but same on mobile.
Also I blame @MoffKalast for pink outline, since he wrote the shader :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work so far!

I’ll update it so you can set a threshold for color removal. Then it’ll be your fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside, I’m honestly suprised that the shader works at all :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I have no idea who or what dexsoft is. Anyway, I have seen a lot of models which are looking pretty similar :grin:

A Shield prototype. Finally.

Can only block raycast based weapons because elipsoid colliders don’t exist in JBullet. :angry: I guess I’ll have to add a hull polarizer module that reduces physical projectile damage and have that be another mechanic…

Here’s the fun part! As you can see, your weapons pass through the shield without any problems and the attacking ship’s get blocked and start lowering the shield level.

That’s because each shield has a numeric code attached to it as its name (I like to call it the shield frequency). So the guns will fire through anything that has the same frequency as they do, letting every ship fire through its shields.

So essentially if you figured out the enemy’s shield frequency you get to fire directly through their shields. That could make for some intersting gameplay where you’d also have to rotate (see: change) your own frequency in case it got discovered.

Pretty much the plot of Star Trek: Generations, yup.

Another thing, I need some feedback about the communication system I’m planning. It’s sort of like the mobile facebook messenger app, launched from a windows-like start menu. Just that the start menu is populated by known contacts and the chat windows have options to pick instead of a text input box.

Quests would be tracked in a simmilar way in a chat window, but with lines representing goals instead of a conversation.

Here’s a (slightly old) mockup of what I’m going towards:

I’ve not seen anything simmilar in a game before and I’m wondering if it’s because it’s too clunky, doesn’t work well, or I haven’t looked hard enough.


Developing your game seems to be a full time job for you, right?

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I got 4 months of holidays between high school and university with nothing better to do all day :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides PAX is like two weeks away, I need to make it look like it’s not the worst shoverware, right?


I like it, in case it does NOT try to mimic windows or even worse a smartphone. You have that in GTA 5, you have that in Watch Dogs 2 etc.

I like how it’s done currently, since it’s essentially an unfolding menu. Pay attention to their usability though, there is some software which drives me nuts with those menus.

You could for example uncouple the chat windows from the Start Menu and let the player move them around so you don’t have to keep the Start Menu open all the time and can arrange your line of sight slightly.

Also your Username Listings and Auto-Answers need a bit more border, I think.

Just out of curiousity: Is this your first game you’ve made and what is your GUI based upon? Self-Made?

@MoffKalast Did you ever have a look at Wing Commander?
The comm system is pretty similiar, but faster to use because you have numebers in front of what you can send, and just have to press that number on the keyboard. Might be something to think about. :wink:

Right! Of course! I knew there must be a simmilar system somewhere. I don’t recall there being left/right chat bubbles for sms messaging though.

Oh yes that’s integral to the design, I guess it’s just a bit misleading that the window is placed right beside the menu. I also forgot to add a small X in the top right of it. You should be able to have more than one open too.

There’s an imgur album (made some time ago for reddit) of the small projects I’ve attempted in Swing and JavaFX, but I’ve never really finished and shipped anything.

The HUD uses jme3 Pictures and BitmapTexts, but the pause menu uses Nifty as will the chat system if I can get two Nifty objects working without crashing each other via eventbus.

Just checked it out, that’s a great idea! Might be a bit of a problem to determine which one of the opened chat windows is focused. I just added a feature that shows the mouse in chase mode if you hold C so that should be fast enough for the time being.

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