(August 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

HDR Filter with multi pass. My graph card is GT 705.


This is beatiful,do you plan to release those filters?

Looks very nice!

Yes, I am planning to post a new issue about these filters such as lensflare, screen space reflection, hdr. These related with my custom j3md not the Lighting.j3md.


Thanks :grinning:

Wow cool. Combine those with PBR and “photorealism” with jME is in reach.
I wonder how one makes HDR textures though (or does one actually fake this).

Nothing special but I like it:
My own Chatbox based on Lemur:

Unfortunately there is a heavy compression which makes the gif look bad. The idea was to have a quite-transparent chat-bar which activates itself (Green Text, No Transparency) when you press Y to chat.

I’m currently missing that the box is moving up instead of down when new messages appear and a scrollbar seems very challenging aswell…

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Scrolls bars are definitely challenging, yeah. Especially for chat logs.

If you decide you can get by without a scroll bar then you can take a look a the chat stuff I did for the SimEthereal example. It’s nice because the message log can be used easily for any messages, not just chat. Right now message fade out over time and they don’t come full bright again if you open the chat bar… but I coded the basics for that as it’s just an override on the fade. (I do the same thing in Mythruna so I already had in mind where I wanted to go.)

The thing that manages the message stream:

And the chat entry:

Maybe you can see some ideas. Maybe not. :slight_smile:


Cool, like a game called Galcon I played a lot on my phone =)

For gifs i higly suggest you use https://screentogif.codeplex.com/ for recording and http://ezgif.com/optimize for optimisation

You should have way better result and then be able to direcly post them on the forum so we can see them animated here :smiley:

Galcon indeed =)

An UI attempt with Lemur and a blur filter :smiley:



Don’t mind the Game Content (Lighting, Transparency, yay!) but the UI got some upgrades:
The first change is that you can now split your chatbox into multiple ChatFrames which each has it’s own ChatChannel Filter (Filter by Category). You also see that they have different Chat Colors (Say is white, Global yellow, Debug blue and Error red).

After taking Paul’s Examples I was able to make the box finally fold out into the right direction as you can see on the right box. I’ve also converted anything into an AppState :smiley:

The “bug” you see on the left is actually a feature: First we determine how many lines of chat could fit into the given size and so a larger resolution/chat box leads to more lines of text. Additionally we take care of wrapping: Here, the message before was too large to fit into the box and so it’s not shown.

I am uncertain whether I should keep that space as is or resize the panel. I disliked having a “jumpy” panel, though so it’s fixed. This is part of my lousy scrolling implementation which you don’t see:

The ChatMessages are stored in a buffer/list and you only see a part of them (defined by index and said maximumNumberOfLines). This part is then added to the Container/Panel as you can see.

That way I can scroll on a per-element-base at least.
Eventually I could also add filling the free space by the last few words of the previous message, however that would be a sorta costly operation (Checking the height for each additional character done backwards).
This post also clearly shows that I didn’t study enough for today, so I’ll feel bad now :smiley:


New Thumb Stick element for touch screen controls.

Styled with images or gradients, above uses just gradients. You add listeners which receive the magnitude of the offset as a percentage of the radius from 0.0-1.0 and the angle, in radians, between the thumb button and center.


I’m currently dealing with a similar problem: How do I detect at which character of the given String the BitmapText wraps?
If I find out, I will let you know…
I know that BitmapText simply writes over the given Rectangle - which is really bad.
Still, I’m currently in the middle of implementing a FntTextBox to provide backwards compat to jME’s BitmapText class.