(August 2019) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

My work in progress is a strategy game, except … I’m having so much fun with rigid-body physics that at the moment it’s more like a bowling game :wink:

Here’s a screenshot of a “desert fortress” scenario with physics debug enabled:

And here it is without physics debug:

This is a closed-source project based on JME v3.2.4 and Minie v0.9.10 libraries. Gamma correction is disabled. I use Blender v2.79b for modeling, glTF to import models, V-HACD to generate dynamic collision shapes, Maud to debug models, Nifty for user interface, SkyControl v0.9.19 for the sky, SimpleWaterProcessor for reflections, and DirectionalLightShadowRender for shadows. No PBR or audio yet.


Nice castle :slight_smile: You should make it destructible if its not.

Here you can show power of Minie !

SkyControl v0.9.19 for the sky

i hope there will be sky visible at least once :slight_smile: (maybe in some water areas or cinematics or pbr metallic)

edit: oh didnt noticed, there already is water :slight_smile:

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Made a plugin for intellij to create JME games. You can choose LWJGL version, bullet type (native/jbullet) and other dependencies and it sets it all up for you.

It’s still a WIP (not published on the intellij plugin store yet) and I’d like to add support for kotlin too. If time allows I’d like to create more in-depth ones like model viewers and the rest.


Not quite there yet, but I’m able to click-to-view models from projects and dependencies in intellij. Bit more of a pain in the behind than I anticipated tbh, but here we are. It works.


Reactivated my submachine gun, made the bullets gravity free, added hit particles and corrected a bit the muzzle flash. Further more the player can not change direction anymore while shooting.


Next up, camera shake? Would look cool when firing the guns.

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is on my todo list, yes. at the moment I made the hits more visible by turning the hit object in unshaeded white for 50 ms. make slow progress as it’s summer and I do not spend much time in front of a computer…

just some prototype terrain Texture based Grass on this PBR terrain.
still require some visual work, but mechanic is great :slight_smile:

this is also paginated 20x20 to make frustrum cull / LOD possible.(thanks @Riccardo)


Took me some train rides to refactor my camera stuff to make that screen shake happen when using the submachine gun :slight_smile: Including a lerping follow camera to make that a bit smoother and give the character a more “in motion” feeling. Maybe need some fine tuning, but for the moment I’m quite happy, looking forward for the shotgun with a heavier kickback :smiley: