(August 2020) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

Ok :joy:

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Outside is a MMO RPG game engine built on top of JME. Not actually a game, but designed to where GMs can build and modify a game using the client while the game is live.

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Hi all :smile: :slightly_smiling_face:,

Since i started JmonkeyEngine 2 months ago , i am developing an arcade Space Game Simulator that supports :

-Serial devices Communications(using jserialcomm library) as Arduino Uno/Mega/Due or ATMega chips.
-runs in Kiosk Mode on Parrot Sec 4.9 x64 Linux System (with bootloader on a separate Flash drive that boots into LEGACY).

let me to talk about the game first which is the Jmonkey Part :

the game is about astronauts that are using space Ships to discover the universe , they go through the Solar System then they passed over System Planets (Most Probably Mars,Earth) , the game should start from Earth as a Rocket goes into space then the Free Roaming space game , after is Mars if you want or any other planet , i donot know if i will make levels for each planet or not .

Features of game :

-Game client is built using Java Swing .
-i have used databases for scores & options(Json & sqlite3)
-a friend & i will develop a Simulator Box using Arduino Due / Shift Registers/ push buttons / joysticks & this was a successful part , actually he is taking the hardware part, i mean we have tried the Serial Communications with java many times , now we have tried that wih Jmonkey Game & it works except for some little bugs , we have built the keypad push buttons till now .

->this is the game :
use 720p so you can see in-game effects

->Serial Communications library:

Most of ideas are Inspired from Future COP LAPD 1990 EA Game(So old) & Eve Online , but the game still needs hard work !

All these spatials are free ones except for Mars Rover , i modelled this one .

That’s it , this was the game part , i know its pretty simple,but this is my first project here anyway :slight_smile:

System Part :

We have modified Parrot Sec System to be a Kiosk System for our game so that we can build a full arcade Simulator Game by integeration of Software & Hardware codesign as Debian Security has mostly all the drivers & got tools built for developers unlike Ubuntu & Other based systems.

Concerning the System : i built a script to

->remove plymouth & its config files in /usr/share/plymouth ; which is boot splash themeing application.
->change bootloader grub images for our game logo.
->installing grub customzier to change boots name.
->removing the login screen or making it auto login
->backing up & removing the mate-panel.desktop application to ensure a full screen mode at /usr/share/applications/mate-panel.desktop
->removing x-sessions at /usr/share/xsessions (other system-login modes)
->Putting MyGame.jar as autostart application
->also in swing form : this.setDefaultCloseOperaion(JFrame.DO_NOTHING); to disable the user exit
this.setExtendedState(JFrame.MAXIMIZED_BOTH); to get a full screen on both height & width
this.setUndecorated(true); disabling title bar

& to exit kiosk mode for fixing any thing is pretty easy … just return the mate-panel.desktop back to applications folder & you will have one panel so you can control system then delete the mate-panel.desktop again to enter the kiosk mode .

& of course changing the key shortcuts is pretty easy from parrot menu.

Kiosk Mode :

this FLashDrive can boot on any bios based System , i donot know if it can on RPI or not !

& About Sound Effects & Music , i am still searching for an easy way & copyright free .
Anyway we are planing to have something like that :
image May be

Thank you for support , hope you enjoy that !


Finally finished the level. It usually takes me a week to finish areas like this one.

Also, this is the first time creating foliage with custom normals. See below.

Custom Normals

Looks round and natural.

Default Normals

Looks flat.


Looking good! Care to tell us a bit more about those custom normals?


Is it not a commonly known trick? (I use it all the time even since the fixed pipeline days.) I used to call it ‘splayed normals’ because you nudge them outwards.

These days it’s even something you can experiment with in blender to make a flat thing look not flat. (Though sadly I couldn’t get my custom normals to export properly.)


Foliage In Blender

Foliage Normals Concepts
Scroll down until you arrive to the Vertex Normals title.

For state of the art concepts.