(August 2022) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

A new day job which consumed most of my energies + Google changing their policy for uploading applications to the Play Store (no more APKs, just AAB) made this mile-stone hard & slow but finally kids & beginners can easily program animations and simple games and export them as native Android applications. The exported Android app has 100% source code available due to the mobile engine itself being open sourced on GitHub a few month ago.
So, here is a sample video demonstrating a creation of a simple JME3 based animation from scratch and exporting it as an Android application. the whole process takes ~3 minutes!


sweet dude! :axe: :dragon_face: :coin: :coin: :coin: :coin:

Also congrats on the new job

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I’ve been working more with DynamicAnimControl, this time doing things with Inverse Kinematics to make dynamic attack animations. I added a new enemy model to my game called a plague spore which is a stationary enemy that stays in one place, but it has 3 tentacles so it can reach around and attack entities on all sides.

Here’s a video of the Plague Spore with some audio commentary, its the first time I’ve tried recording a demo video while talking at the same time, and I’m hoping to do this more often to get more engagement on youtube. The video is not as concise or well-spoken as I’d like it to be, I didn’t write a script and didn’t want to to do any advanced editing lol. I considered it but I’d rather practice doing this type of short demo video in one or two takes so that it doesn’t become so time consuming that I avoid doing more in the future. Hopefully you enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:


I got a kick out of the video.

Clever use of DynamicAnimControl!

I should also mention that, to me, it looks more like they’re worshiping her than attacking her. Does the player avatar have a physics control?


Yeah i agree haha, i still need to make some adjustments to make attacking swings where the tentacles move faster and look more like a whip being flicked, rather than just following her around slowly, but i left it like it is for the video since i thougt it looked neat and shows off the ik physics functionality real well with the tentacles wrapping around the models shoulders and body slowly. Although i might use the current way it looks as a healing spell that the plague spore can cast on other plagued creature.

The player has a DynamicAnimControl, but not a physical character control or anything else attached to the physics state.

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I integrated the decal projector in my level editor. A video showing the feature:


nice, donuts! :hammer:


Thanks, wood! :carpentry_saw:


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Got all of the stars aligned properly to get Mythruna multiplayer working.

Always surprised how many moving parts there are to get something like this working. Probably because I wrote most of the parts and don’t think about it anymore.

Still need to get a proper account creation UI working and hookup a few other missing things, fix some bugs, etc… Maybe a new release at the end of the month.



Music made me feel like this was going to end in a hilarious joke of some sort like one of those black and white films w/o talking … haha
All jokes aside thou super cool and also inspiring


Well, thanks for that! Because I wrote the song for one of the Music Weeklies challenges sometime back and that’s exactly what the feeling of the song was supposed to be.

I even had an animatic mock-up to go with the song… with a punchline at the end:


Practice work which will very likely be added to the game.


… wow lmao :rofl:

looks awesome! anything to kill in there? :axe: :male_detective:


Here’s a shot of the new V-HACD tuning tool:

Think of this as a teaser for the demo video.
Nifty was used to create the GUI, obviously.