Hi all,

Well, I've finally moved myself and my family to Austin. We are currently in temporary housing (nice corporate apartments) but don't have internet access, except for the little computer room I'm at here. So, I won't be on much until things get a little more established. I'll be at NCsoft on Monday and starting work, so I'll be available during the day I'm sure.

Renanse, is on his way here currently, I believe.

I'll be trying to get caught up on all the happenings.

Just got in today.  Amazing how it was 85 degrees yesterday in Austin and the day I get here it is in the low 30's.  Brr!

Well it snowed here, so be thankful you're not any further east. :-p


It's kind of cold here too :roll:


Very good actually.  It's pretty funny though, people keep walking in and saying "gee, we thought we were going to be doing some game with graphics from the Atari days, we didn't know Java could do THAT."  :)  Unfortunately that means we keep raising the bar for ourselves… 

hehe, that's a good thing. May we ask what impresses them most?

BTW: My currently most beloved feature is the SwingUI on top of the 3D scene. :slight_smile:

Renanse, you oughta write up a quick Pac-Man clone and then tout it as your "pride and joy" of the capabilities of jME on April 1st. :-p


naah! pacman is way too complex. space invaders would do the job.  :smiley:

What I found most interesting is those shocked by the quality of the engine tended to be the artists. After playing Runescape they thought their polygon budget would be incredibly low. We popped open a jME demo and they stood there dumbstruck. They then got very excited about the project.

The programmers didn't seem quite as suprised. They generally seemed interested and are consistently asking questions.

I was afraid that the atmosphere would be different. That of, we are the bastard children of the company, working on the "crappy Java game". But instead, everyone is truely excited, and go out of their way to get involved where they can.

if they're so excited about jme maybe we could absorb all those developers in the jme community  :wink: