Autohide HUD

Hey guys this is probably simple but I wanted to see the best wya to implement this:

I have a nifty HUD taskbar that I would like to have it autohide whenever the mouse is not on its area. The only thing I can think about is some if statement checking the mouse location in an update loop in an appstate which would trigger a toggleOnOff method that I wrote to disable/enabled the taskbar. Is there any better way to implement this?

thanks guys

Look at the nifty onhover effects. You might be able to do something with them.

Other than that your idea sounds fine to me.

Be careful with auto-hiding stuff though, sometimes it can actually be a hindrance to usability.

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well with putting a toggle method inside the update that kills my performance
[java] if(mouseViewportY < 0.0957)
else {

the onHover hides the menu but it's still clickable, I want to completely DETACH it.

Only call toggle if the setting changes.

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