Automated Testing Best Practices

I just read the wiki article on Best Practices (with respect to testing), and although it’s a good read, I was wondering what most serious jME3 developers use in the way of automated tests, particularly functional/integration tests.

In Swing-land, I’m somewhat familiar with java.awt.Robot and the FEST-Swing Module, which might be helpful for any GUI/Nifty testing (mouse clicks, key strokes, etc.). But for testing the scene graph and overall gameplay (i.e. when the user types one of the directional keys, does their avatar move in that direction?, etc.), are there any preferred frameworks, best practices or strong recommendation you can offer?

I’m coming from a webapp/Swing background where the mentality is: “Automated tests for everything! Hoorah! Fire all the QA testers!” I’m sure you can’t have the same mentality in game dev, but I have to imagine there is something out there for automating a good portion of the functional/integration tests…

…and if not, then has there been any talk/discussion for the need of such a component in jME3?

I am searching for the same problem. It looks like, there is no solution for it.

I dont think there is such thing for games, and I dont think its even possible.
Each game has complete different interfaces from each other, including the inputs, behaviors etc.
Its comum thought, to build applications to do it for each game, and it can be reused for other very similar games, this is why an game company will normally build games with the same style from there previous games, like Bethesda that build fallout, elder scrolls, etc, because the tools for the previous game can be used in the new ones.