Automatic input control

I have a simple terrain for which I am using a first person shooter view. I like to be able to automatically move round the terrain without using the mouse. I.e. when you start the program you have sort of fly rhough ther terrain.

The way, I think it can be done, is to read directions such as move forward, left right etc from a file and then apply that to the input controller.

What I am not sure about is how do you feed input to the input controller without having any keyboard events :?


If you want a smooth curved path, look into the curve controllers, they will move a node (CameraNode for your case) along that smooth curve.

Thanks. Had a look at the CurveController code (Neat work). The way it works (if I understand it correctly) is that in the update method it starts to move the camera around using translation and rotation.

So in theory, I should be able to read my values from a file and depending on what the values are, move the camera around (in the update method). Is this right?


SpatialTransformer will also move things around with a set of translation/rotation/scale’s per time.

Thanks, I managed to solve it, by simply doing basic translations on the cameranode in the update method based on the directions which were read from an array (for test purposes) and it seems to work.

SpetialTransformer seems an interesting one to use. I will possibly use it later for better effects.


Whenever you start to use it, check the StarterGuide. It’s there in one of the tutorials.

You have done a nice job with the starter guide :slight_smile: . I like the style and the way you have explained things. Also found a a section of SpatialTransformer and input handlers. Should have read them first though!