Automatic planar texcoord generation, need little help

This is effect I want

where do I start?

OpenGL can be setup to compute texture coordinate automatically based only on the incoming vertex positions. OpenGL supports 5 modes and these are planar (GL_OBJECT_LINEAR), eye/camera (GL_EYE_LINEAR), spehere environmental mapping (GL_SPHERE_MAP) and cubemap (GL_REFLECTION_MAP), (GL_NORMAL_MAP)

Currently JME does not support automatic planar texture generation as far as I know so I’d like see if I could add this my self using shaders.

From what I understood this could be added via shaders, I’ve got a OpenGL Shading Language Third edition (orange book) where they have 2 pages showing some shader code to accomplish this. It does not even look complicated, however I have some question in my mind that I’d like some help with.

What is the best way to go about this, do it in shaders or using openGL fixed functionallity?

here are 2 screenshots I took from the book

I’m interested ub GL_OBJECT_LINEAR texture generation mode. Does anyone of you experts undrestand what they mean by

ObjectPlanesS, ObjectPlanesT, ObjectPlanesR, ObjectPlanesSQ, and what does TexCoord → s,t,p,q stand for. Where do I get ObjectPlanes from?

Would this easier/better be done using openGL fixed functionallity? Since OpenGL supports this whats the best way to do it? Where do I start, I want this feature and I’m willing to learn littebit and try to add it, can you give me some place to look at and if possible answer above questions. I’m looking for you experts and core JME developers to answer these questions.