Available Shapes

The shapes available jme3 are just enough to get going, but I was wondering if there were going to eventually be more shapes, like in jme2.  for comparison, jme3 has 7 shapes while  jme2 has 27!

Well yeah, but its not something the core devs put heavy work into right now… Actually the core data for meshes is not so different between jme2 and jme3 and with some copy&paste from both jme's classes, who knows, maybe the next contribution to jme3 is coming from you? :wink: Whats missing for you right now?



Nothing is missing for me now I guess, for later development I expect to be putting a lot of varied obstacles and such in my worlds.  I was hoping for a Cone shape but looking at jme2 I noticed it says to use a cylinder anyway.

You can always create cool shapes in a modelling tool such as Blender3D, you can even make them animated and such. It's a lot better :slight_smile: