Avoiding mouse speed increase

When ever the fps gets under 200 the mouse movement seems to get a sudden burst, as if mouse sensitity is turn up a notch. I thought it was because I used my own inputhandler, but replacing it with FirstPersonHandler results in the same thing.

I just ran Terrain Trees demo and the same thing happens in there, its above 300 without bounds turned on and with bounds turned on its reduced to under 200 and the mouse goes into speed mode.

Is it a bug? If not, how do you avoid that it increases speed when the fps goes down?

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that mouse movement is not dependant on time? Which it should be. I have the same problem.

Wooah, seems like you need a ph.d just to figure out how to do that :slight_smile: I hope it has been reported the right way.

Thanks, looks good.  I guess the tracker java.net provides is a bit overkill :slight_smile:

Yeah, looking at RelativeMouse, this seems to be the case.  Could one of you add a bug fix request to the tracker?  Thanks.