Away for a bit

I probably won’t be around as much for a little bit… good reason though.

Meet Ruby, my new daughter.

Congrats!  And welcome to the Sleepless Nights club. :slight_smile:

thanks.  :smiley:

btw i'm kissing her, not scowling.  :slight_smile:

Oh my…

Big congrats!

Ruby? The front-page poll mentioned names such as Mojo and Monkey? :?

Awesome, man.  Enjoy every minute of it… they grow up way too fast!

all my congratulations.

Congrats !

… and have You bashed that moroon that set up the name finding poll on the frontpage yet ?  :wink:

As i had a hard time to vote for "this better be a joke" each time i visited the page :slight_smile:

congratulations! - my child is ~ 2 months old, so I know the feeling quite well :slight_smile: