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Back To Cretaceous

I am, together with a friend, working on a MMORPG written in java. We use java becouse it's easy to program, and it works on
multiple operating systems (so that my cousin can also play it on his mac). The game is situated in a time period called cretaceous.

The game is set in 2100, humanity hasn't been able to stop global warming. To survive they evacuated (almost) everybody to a colonies on mars and the moon. the character (in the single player version) a professor, living on the marscolony. He is trying to prevent "the problem" by trying to go back in space by travelling back in time using a stabilized wormhole. After a couple of testings, he packs his gear and tries "to make a diffrence for the future in the past". However, his clumsy assistant forgot to repair the fuses that broke on one of the tests and one of his stabilisers explodes. The wormhole grows to 3 times the planned size and starts sucking up everything in his lab, including his assistant. When he wakes up after some time he appeares to be in the cretaceous period, but it's not the real one. It's an alternative version of it, which isn't verry stable. He can't go to some places or the version would collapse. He finds a dinosaur egg and it hatches (the dinosaur you have depends on the choise you make at the beginning of the game).

The game
While playing, you will be able to catch and train dinosaurs. You will also be able to fly on the back of big flying reptiles. This game
will contain much true facts abouth the cretaceous. This game will be browser-based and free.

This game is still in the very early stage of developpement.
Becouse this is in the very early state of developement, everything can still change.

What we need to program:
  • The walking engine (walking on a model with collision checks)
  • the world model
  • 'dinosaurbackriding' engine
  • flying engine
  • Inventory engine
  • Item sprites
  • character models
  • dinosaur models
  • fighting engine
  • online


Join Us
Do you like programming in java, Then you can join us. You can join us by posting it here, pm or send an
email to

- Our Wiki

This is the logo:

On your wiki it says:

back to cretateous (sometimes spelled as back to cretaceous, short just btc) is a single player game made by Lukas Sauvillers and Ben Geentjens.

Yet here you describe it as an MMORPG. Which is it?

My friend maked the wiki a few months ago, and he doesn’t correct it regulary. It will be an MMORPG. the wiki is just a bit outdated. i’ll ask him to edit it.

the wiki was updated yesterday, note that the storyline has changed a bit.