Bad import sckelet from blender to j3o

Hello! I apologize for my English.

I created a simple model of a human in Blender 2.65.

I saved my model in the format “.blend". JMonkeySDK a conversion in my model ".j3o” format.

If Open the generated “*.j3o” file, you will see that the window sceneview black. If you press the “grid” on the panel “SceneComposer Window”, nothing will change. I note that in the SceneExplorer all objects are displayed correctly.

If you create an empty scene, all displayed correctly. But if I add to that my empty stage “*.j3o” model, in a new scene will be the same result - black panel without any reactions.

Empirically it was found that if a SceneExplorer remove “SkeletonControl”, then the model is normally displayed. But the animation does not work model.

In what could be the problem? how to fix it? I guess the problem is in “*.blend”

Screenshot of JMonkeySDK
My blender model