Bad .obj modelloading

Hi all!

I was trying to import a lego-model from Ldraw into jME. I used the program ‘LdrDatToObj’ to convert the .dat file of Ldraw to a .obj file. When i imported the new .obj file in jME, I got some errors. So I imported it into Blender, and there i got no errors, but in Blender, there were no colors, so i colored it in blender. Then i exported it as a .obj file again, and i tried again to import it  into jME. I could import the model, but i got strange colors. Look at the pictures to understand it better:

Model in blender after i colored it:

Model in jME:

Can someone help me?

PS: Sorry for my bad English.

Bizzare… is it possible to output as a texture instead of materials?  It would simplify things to a single mesh as well.

I am not a hero in creating models in Blender, and materials is the only way i know at the moment of giving meshes a color. I will search for a tutorial of using textures in Blender instead of using materials. Thanks for the quick reply!

Unforunately, I have no idea what the problem is. I would, however, like to offer this. That Lego piece is spectacular, and even if you never figure this out you should feel amazing for creating such an awesome lego piece. Ha. Silly beaded lego pieces make me laugh.