Bake Effect into a j3o

I wonder how I could bake an effect with its parametriced particle emitter into a j3o file. My plan was to load such effects like any other model. I guess it is somehow possible. Is there any tutorial or anybody who could explain me what I have to do to get that?

Simple. Use the sdks scene Explorer and use new particle Emitter or new Filter.

The same thing can be achieved if you serialize/save them into a j3o like you can with regular nodes.

Note: that’s saving, baking is entirely different

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hmmm and there you can parametrice your effect? ok I will try out. maybe I come back with some more questions.

Sure, in the Properties Window on the Right.
And for the code you use the BinaryExporter.
Something like

BinaryExporter bE = new BinaryExporter(); File("myFile.j3o"), node);
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