Balancing a ragdoll with forces

Hey folks,

I want to have a ragdoll stand on its feet by itself with gravity on.

My idea is to add a counter force before each step for every ragdoll node (each body part does its own moving).

Any tips on how to go about this? I fiddled around with rotation and trying to cancel torque without much success (and much hotness with maths). Is it better to give the body parts a relative "target" position, like for example, the head has to go to (0,1,0), and then add forces on every step to reach that target?


May I ask you what the purpose of balancing a ragdoll is?

Haladria said:

May I ask you what the purpose of balancing a ragdoll is?

Sure. I'm making a game in which you can hit people and they can fall on the floor. For now, people are represented as ragdolls, and I want them to be able to stand on their feet and balance themselves on their own when hit. Beyond a certain point, they're not gonna be able to balance and they're just gonna fall. That's the general idea.

Not even the best scientists are able to code an AI “brain” for a bi-pod to maintain balance well. That’s why they make their robots into little centipedes and stuff.

Yeah, forget that and just add the ragdoll when the NPC is dead, use animation before.