BaseGame to StandardGame

At the moment I am developing in BaseGame. I was just wondering how easy it is to move everything to StandardGame? Not that I want to but necessarily but as my code gets more complicated I am looking at StandardGame examples and thinking 'how on earth do I put it in there?' Eventually I intend to have it running in StandardGame.

Should I just develop everything in StandardGame? Or am I ok to develop in BaseGame and move it across later on?



I think it depends on how you structure your game.

In BaseGame it's all linear, in one thread (unless you thread things yourself, of course), while in StandardGame your have several threads (the GL thread and GameState threads, perhaps more).

It can sometimes be a little difficult to go from single threaded to multi threaded as you need to consider how threads access other threads and synchronize them. If you game in BaseGame is big, you might have to change alot of the structure.

I would say go with StandardGame right away after you feel at least a little comfortable with it and before you've got a big game in BaseGame, I think it will be less of a struggle. StandardGame isn't that difficult, really, and it has alot of benefits.