Basic Geometric Operations (couldn't find anywhere)

Hi evrerybody,

I've been lgoogling this stuff, and on several basic tutorials, but unfortunately i never found what i wanted.

I'm starting to use jME, and I'm trying to do something pretty simple, I have a big flat square 256x256x1, and i want to do, is being able to "remove" small pieces of cube out of it. As if it was a giant chocolate tablet and that i removed square by square …

I don't know everything about jME, but i think that's something that I should be able to do from the engine itself, like taking the difference between two meshes. Though, I cannot find how. I also tried to create 256x256 little cubes stuck to one another, but I don't think that's a good solution in terms of triangles …

Thanks a lot


Operations such as those do not exist in jME right now, but Dom was working on something in that direction.