Basic texture question


i have a box and  i want to set the diferent image/texture for each side. On the tutorials i've seen i can only find the way to set the same textore for every side. Any ideas?


There was a big discussion about it not long ago, see this thread:

Okay thanks. it seems its much more complicated then creating several quads and filling each with the diferent texture  so i'll chose the easier way.

Maybe we could extend Node in order to manage the quads, so that you have basically something like a box, but with access to the quads

Oh no, please don't!, Images of Java3D with Primitives being Groups flashed all over my head, and it hurts!  }:-@

Better suggestions  :?

IMHO This task is easy enough so that with some small knowledge of jME, you can set it up yourself. I personally don't want the engine to do everything for me… What fun is in that?

In other words, creating 6 quads with specific texture coordinates is not a terribly demanding task, and after working on HelloTriMesh, anyone should get the concept and be able to implement it in perhaps one hour.

Am I being too picky? Don't miss-interpret me… I am grateful for all the nice code there is floating around, I just think we have to draw the line somewhere, and this seems to be over the line.

I agree.  We have a nice cube that will do this… we also have quads you can setup yourself (look at skybox and rearrange to be outward facing if you need that help getting going.)