BasicShadowRenderer/Lightening Problem

Hello Monkeys

I’m finishing a small school project and got the following error since I texture my map Models.

This is how It should look like (Besides that the shadows are missing) and does, untill…

…you pass half of the map with the ball. From then it removes the texture or stretches it extremely. Anyway I only get this matt colour displayed.

In an older project, on which the actual one bases on, it does the same thing as I noticed afterwards giving it the same texture. But there it does it regardless of the orb’s position - all the time. However the orb is manipulated by light as it should.

When I set the cams frustum it suddenly does render the shadows.

But it doesn’t matter what I am doing with the Lightening at all. I can even remove all light sources from my code and it does still display shadows from somewhere. I don’t get it.

Somehow this line which the ball has to cross to remove the texture from the map is also depending on the cameras angle.

I already tried to resize the texture, but it does the same thing with a smaller one. The original has 2048x2048

And yes, I know I have set the rootNode as reflection Scene to the waterProcessor which produces these black stripes in it. I just didn’t manage to group my objects onto an alternate node. But I like the effect it does and this isn’t the problem anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, where did I kill what?

Thanks in advance

Meral Harbes

Since I’ve got no idea how many people read about my problem, I am totally left with too many ideas what people could have thought about it.

Actually I have to present this project on Wednesday, so I’m asking you to give me any kind of feedback that I’m no longer floating in space.

The post is way too long and gives too few clues about whats your actual problem and even if somebody wanted to help you, you didn’t provide any code that could be checked. Add to that that you have known errors in your code that you are not willing or able to fix and most people will just look at this post, shake their heads and go on to the next.

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Look, I am not hiding behind a persona, I am not expecting anybody to do anything for me, I am just expressing my opinion and this is the most honest answer I can give to this post. I am not willing to invest all this time into jME and its users for free while feeling like a corporate employee having to keep my opinions to myself. There is absolutely nothing I could do to help even if I wanted, the post is a fail.

Also, I don’t base my idea to express my opinion like this on my status in this community, I am always like that :stuck_out_tongue: Come over to Bremen, lets have a beer and we’ll get to know each other, maybe then you can express your dislike towards me in a more mature way… Anyway, I guess the time you spent setting up this account is about the time I need to answer 4 posts in the forum, didn’t seem like enough time to do research about this problem, huh?



LoL @notnormen,

to be fair, @normen does most of the noobs & general user help (at least that’s what I experienced), so that bashing is absolutely unjustified.

@meral: Something happens obviously when you pass the map. What do you do? Switch textures? Change light sources? Rotate the board? Could be also an error in the shader (sounds the most plausible to me)…

So, how many light sources? What shader? Which post-processors? What textures?..

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Just wow…

From what I’ve imagined this was not under it at all and I feel really uncomfortable about how this thread advanced.

First: The Account NotNorman was created by a buddy of mine without me knowing about it. I was chatting with him just after I’ve read normen’s post but not because of it. I was not at all angry or something about it - just a bit…stunned and that’s what I’ve told him. I can accept feedback in any way and since I asked to tell me whatever you think I’m of course ok with it.

I didn’t know my buddy was going to post anything until I saw it. I asked him to delete it but it was too late. I’m not for censorship so it’s ok being there now.

@Norman: I really hope you don’t think I created the account to attack you. I’m really sorry my buddy hit on you. I’ve read other postings from you and have seen you giving useful advice and I’d be a bit too old for such a prank anyway.

I enjoy working with the jme and love learning more and more about game development and modeling which is possible to me because of people sharing their work with me for free - without asking for anything in return. I appreciate that work which gets put into every Open Source Project and honor the concept of sharing, as the people who make it possible and support it. I’d never pick on someone I don’t know because of such a bagatelle especially not if I’m using part of their work for my own. And not in such a primitive form anyway.

To the topic:

I’m going to edit that in later. Thanks so far.

Alright, lets erase this and get back to coding :wink:

@notnormen you’re not helping @meral make his Wednesday deadline by derailing this thread.

Btw @meral instead of editing your first post I think you’d better just make a new reply. It’s easier to read this thread and understand the problem if there’s a clear timeline.