Batching breaks Vertex Colors

@m41q said: When I look at the sidebar in Download-->Nightly Builds, there are many zips. 22 days old zips however.

TL;DR? :smiley:

those are old, about 22 days actually - at least where I live :stuck_out_tongue:

rhaaa…dafuk the nightly is broken again…

:roll: Ouch :roll:

It’s no big deal.

… now if you’d be kind enough to explain this gradle thing…

I already had this error…
The good news is that I managed to fix it.
The bad news is that I don’t remember how.
I’ll check tonight and tell you.

Btw you don’t need to build the whole SDK though, you can just build the engine sub projects.

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@nehon said: I'll check tonight and tell you.
Any news on this?

It isn’t that important for me that the nightly is working, but I’d like to test the master branch.
I know I can build the sub projects and swap the libraries, but how do you build the SDK?

Thank you.

Yes. I’m working on windows so I can’t tell for others OS.
make sure that you propertie file has those lines (properties file is located in C:\Users<yourUserName>\AppData\Roaming.jmonkeyplatform\3.0)

nbplatform.default.netbeans.dest.dir=C:\Program Files\jmonkeyplatform3.0 #unless you installed it elsewhere
nbplatform.nb80.netbeans.dest.dir=C:\JME3.X\git\jmonkeyengine\netbeans #<- this is the path to my local JME git repo, so it’s obviously different for you, this directory has to point to the netbeans directory that is inside the jmonkeyengine folder of the repo.

This worked for me