Batching Geometry, Texture Loses Transparency

Hi there,

I’ve been working with a tree model and it’s leaves are in different geometries making the tree approximately 40 objects.

Batching the geometry brings it down to 2 objects and it looks fine in the scenecomposer.

Once I switch it to an unshaded material it shows black where the transparency should be.

I had this issue previously (before this batch issue) and it was solved by setting the render state to alpha.

This seems to be the exact same problem, only the batch causes it, and setting the render state to alpha doesn’t solve it.

A picture would be worth a million words but I’m going to guess that the tree is now self-obscuring where it used to have the separated objects sorted properly. (Search for alpha transparency sorting for about a hundred million articles on the subject).

Set the alphaDiscardThreshold of the material to something like 0.5.

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