Batching of same geometry (different scaling?)

Hi folks,I have essentially a collection quads, with the same material/texture (2 horizontal stripes, everything else is 100% Alpha). In blender I have scaled some of the quads (stretched ‘horizontally’) to different sizes.

Everything appears fine when I just load the objects (un-batched). But when I batch the objects, the alpha Channel appears to work incorrectly, sometimes generating black or ‘psuedo’ transparency (it ‘blending’ with the stuff behind it somewhat…but is ‘offset’ or least that is what I think is going on)…depending on the angle that I am looking at the quad with.

Should batching work with the geometries of different sizes, and the same texture file? (I realize the uv coordinates may not ‘line’ up since I scaled some of geometries…which I’m guessing is really the cause of the issue…I was hoping since the quads are simply stretched, it would just…well repeat/stretch the texture horizontally).

I guess tht the geomtry is not correctly sorted, and rendered in the correct order (cause it is only one) after the batching.

mhh…the batchNode probably needs to be placed in the Transparent bucket.

If you are using the geometryBatchFactory just place the resulting geom in the transparent bucket

I think empire has it right. Semi-transparent surfaces won’t get sorted right if they are all one geometry. What kind of textures are they?