BatchNode issues

  1. Batchnode does not respect scaling of parent note until moved
    BatchNode buffer regeneration if parent changes transformation · Issue #190 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

  2. If i move any of the parents the whole batch seems to be rebatched. (At least needMeshUpdate is set to true on any instance). Not sure if its a bug, or i got the idea wrong.
    BatchNode · Issue #189 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

  1. looks like a bug…but I’d need to look into it

  2. Is not really a bug, it’s more a limitation. BatchNode uses World transforms of the sub graph’s geometries to update its mesh, and when a transform occurs it has no way to know if this change is due to a transform in the sub graph (for example an sub node moved) or if the change comes from the batchNode itself. So it has to refresh all the geometries.
    That’s the very reason for the existence of the SimpleBatchNode, that does not updates the mesh when transformed, but cannot have a sub graph for this same reason (SimpleBatchNode can only have geometries directly attached to itself).
    There might be more clever things to do, we already talked about it in the core chat, but that never resulted in a change in the implementation. The idea would be to have some sort of flag to distinguish change coming from the BatchNode itself and change coming from the subgraph.

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Oh nice, did not know about simple batch node. Guess i have overseen that one.
Have to check if its suitable for my project (mostly depending on separate collision objects)

As a note, the SimpleBatchNode does not have bug 1)

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