BatchNode, question about the subnodes

I was wondering if there is any benefit, to having the subnodes of batchnodes be grouped by translation so to speak. Like, does it make any difference if I divide my scene into chunks by use of a grid or location, or simply divide my spatials into suitably sized batches (even though the batched spatials may be spread out across the entire scene).

Not sure I understand the question.

If you can divide your scene up spatially such that entire batches can be culled when you aren’t looking at them then that’s better, of course.

The BatchNode will not do this for you, though.

Okay, so that makes sense. If I can batch them into chunks that I know I can cull manually, then that is a benefit of course. Allright. Thanks

If you organize them spatially then JME will cull them for you.

Your isosurface demo explains all of this and animates grass/trees. I must say I do often refer to that demo a lot.