Beat the Texan (Non jME) University Project

Hey guys

My work colleague is doing an Open University Course in Computer Science and this is his final project. Its a poker game, but the interesting stuff is underneath, its made using a genetic algorithm, multi-point cross over, neural networks and evolution etc… Basically it learns the more it plays people.

He just needs as many people as possible to test it so that he can create a survey of results, for his final report. I think he has had over 100 plays in the last 3 weeks or so, and it has a 64% win rate against players, lets show it whos boss!!

I told him jMonkeyEngine community was awesome and would help him out :), don’t let me down ^^

Doesn’t cost anything to play, and is purely to give him more data to base his results on:

(may need to update to latest Java version, as I had issues before updating)

Thanks a bunch

Warning: You need a Facebook account… :stuck_out_tongue:

ah i forgot there is also a non facebook version (not sure if these stats count on this one, but i think they do):

heres a post he made about it 6 months ago, and he explains it more than I did:

Maybe an “OffTopic” section for the forums would be great. Were you could place such topics without risking to get downvoted just for helping out :wink:

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This is the general off-topic section… I guess some people don’t care and just downvote whatever they don’t like apart from bad posts… people, opinions, operating systems etc. :wink:

yes, but is located under “Troubleshooting” → “General”, so maybe some people think only things that have at least something to do with jme should be placed here? Dunno, just guessing.

@polygnome said:
yes, but is located under "Troubleshooting" -> "General"

No its not.
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No its not.

Ah, got me there.

Hm, this is confusing, the top menu does not really reflect the forums structure, although it appears it was intended to do so. I never actually realized that what is under "Forum Index" is not the excact same what is in the menu. well, at least now i know :D

There is no “structure”. Thing is that theres multiple forums on the same “level” (the group level) in buddypress and not all are relevant for the menu and index (e.g. project forums).