Is it possible for me to use this engine even though im a beginner, i created few projects using netbeans with help of my professor, like connect mysql database with simple java coded program to add remove and calculate, but i haven’t done anything over beginner lvl, so is it possible for me to use this, or do i need some intermediate knowledge?

Just look at the wiki and tutorials and see if you understand whats said :slight_smile:

Yep, that should do it. We’re not really in a position to evaluate your ability learn. From what you’ve told me it seems that you would have a hard time jumping straight into jME, yes, but if you have a lot of time and dedication then you could be learning more about Java meanwhile getting to grips with jME.

If you find out that you are indeed out of your comfort zone with these beginner tutorials, maybe follow this discussion about Processing to see if it can work as a good stepping stone to jME3. (Note that jME3 requires OpenGL2 and above, so you’d be wise to stick to that requirement if you plan to come back to jME3 when you’ve expanded your knowledge).