Beginner’s Guide (book)?


what’s with the JME Beginner’s Guide by Packt that was announced for Jan 2012? Has it been delayed?

What’s the status here?


I believe it is in the hands of Pakt now, being reviewed. @zathras will better be able to fill in the details.

I handed over all the first drafts a while ago. They say they are in “editorial review” now, that’s all I know. :expressionless:

But here’s an idea: I don’t read the forum regularly (but I get notified when someone writes @zathras). I sometimes find old threads where someone said “I wonder whether the book will have more details on this or that”, or generally common questions, if you recall any topics like that, add a link to the topic to this thread and I’ll have a look.

For example there was this “collision between 2 character controls” thread.


looking forward to its release :D, i would imagine it would be a long process though, perhaps @zathras could shed details about the process later, out of curiosity :slight_smile:

sounds epic, i would be very interested in the aforementioned book.