Beginner Tutorial

I’m running through this tutorial, and I can’t seem to make the block move.

I copied the code, and ran it through the JMP. The blue box shows up, but none of the keys work (i.e. KEY_J, KEY_K, etc…) I tried throwing in some System.out.print() inside of the Action and Analog Listeners, and I don’t see them getting called, but I’m not familiar with Java or this platform, so I don’t know if that output at the bottom of the JMP is where I should be looking or not.

Product Version: NetBeans Platform Dev (Build platform-base-39-on-110313)

Java: 1.6.0_26; Java HotSpot™ 64-Bit Server VM 20.1-b02-384

System: Mac OS X version 10.6.8 running on x86_64; MacRoman; en_US (test)



Everything works fine for me.

Yes the output of System.out.print calls appear in the bottom panel of jmp.

Not sure what the problem is your having. Are you able to move the camera around with the mouse and WASD keys?

Yeah, I can move the camera around, zoom in and stuff with the mouse. Just pushing space doesn’t rotate it, and pushing the j and k keys don’t move it it. No errors are logged. All I did was copied the code, and pasted into the editor, then hit the “play” button. Do I have to do something else?

Do you know what it means when a method has a strikethrough? Is that like a deprecation warning?

yes its a deprecation warning, it means that method will no longer be there in the next official release (theres probably a better definition sorry :P). I’m not sure what your problem is tho hmmmm, the only way i can repeat that is by pressing p to pause it, but if that was your case it would spam “press p to unpause” to the output log and you would notice that.

Ok, cool. I figured that’s what it meant.

Yeah, it’s not even spitting out the “Press P to unpause”. I’ll mess around a bit then, as long as someone else confirms that the tutorial is up-to-date, then I’ll figure it out. There’s a lot of old tutorials out there which makes it hard for learning new things :stuck_out_tongue:



@jeremywoertink: The engine is updated nightly, then don’t wait learning new things by reading old tutorials. Do you run your applications by command line ok? So run the engine and by command line and select a test class and execute it, and read the source code too ;).